phone losing network connection when calling

  • hi,

    my aquaris X loses the network connection almost very time I am calling or someone calls me.  I already changed the sim card in the 2nd slot ; I already tried a new sim card from an other networkprovider. In the beginning this happened not every time and I do not call very often and did not noticed immidiately, Phone is now only a few months old and it gets worse. 

    Phone loses connection after 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 minutes almost every time. At that moment I don't hear the calling person anymore and the connection is interrupted, Phone goes back to initial screen. With speaker no difference.  The white triangle on top stays white which indicates that Phone probably has connection with the network.  All the rest works fine : wifi, sms, mail, 4G,  no problems. 

    I already installed sensor box and proximity sensor seems working.  

    Somebody knows a solution ?

    thanks in advance  


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  • A mi eso me pasaba en mi aquaris x antes, y creo que era por la compañia, yoigo, ahora estoy con vodafone y me va perfecto, no se han vuelto a cortar las llamadas ni nada.