Firmware update 2.5.0 for your bq Aquaris M10 FHD

  • We have just published the 2.5.0 update (Android Marshmallow 6.0) for your BQ Aquaris M10 FHD. This OTA update will reach your device in a progressive manner. Your tablet will request to download and install the update when it is connected to Internet. 

    The complete list of improvements and corrections follows: 

    • Android security patch level: September 2017

    If you wish, you may install the update manually by downloading the files for your device right from the following link:

    Before carrying out the manual installation through the hard-reset method, please remember to back up your data since this process will delete it all. Please check out the installation guide if you need help with the installation process.

    NB: If you have altered your device's original firmware (rooting, recovery, deletion of system applications...) the update process might present you with some problems. Our advice is that you update your handset only after making sure that it has been previously returned to its original state.
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