Firmware update 3.0.0 Android 7.0 for BQ Aquaris A4.5

  • We have released update 3.0.0 for your BQ Aquaris A4.5. This update will take place OTA, meaning you will be asked to download and install it when your device is connected to the internet.

    The following is a complete list of the improvements and fixes:

    • Android 7.0 Nougat

    This update will be installed when your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. It will be rolled out in the upcoming days. 

    If you wish you can install it manually by downloading the corresponding files here: 

    To install it manually using the hard reset method, remember to make a backup first as you will lose all of your data (read the article on this process if you need assistance).
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  • Hello,

    After the update my phone crashed completely.
    After rebooting I could not get passed my screen security.
    Then after rebooting several times my touch screen did crash so I could do nothing any more.

    Now I kept pushing in the on/of knob for about 10 seconds the phone rebooted again and this time everything worked again.
    Even the Android 7.0 is in working order.

  • Hi

    After the update this morning, I just cannot unlock my Aquaris A4.5. After inputting the unlock PIN, the phone screen turns black and after a few seconds, it goes back to the lock screen. I get the notifications for email, but i otherwise cannot use my phone Please help.

    Serial number is AC013744

  • Hi

    I had the same problem as nikotina2003. After yesterdays update for Android 7.0, I couldn-t get past the login screen. I did the correct security shape, the screen went black for a few seconds, and then went back to the locked state.

    The workaround is as MaxK above says> reboot by pressing the on/off button for about 10 seconds, until the phone completely reboots.
  • Thanks bunkenburg. That solved it!
  • After the update, I constantly have SMS not being delivered to me, despite showing as both sent AND delivered on the sender's side. For this reason, I'm not able to log in to apps like Facebook, because I can't get the SMS twofactor auth code.
    Anyone experienced this?
  • I'm also having problems after the update:

    The system clock is unreliable, doesn't always keep the time and the alarm might not go off at the time it is set.

    I cannot add new APNs for mobile data so I don't have any internet.

    The messages app won't send or receive SMS (this worked ok after the update but has stopped ca. 3 days ago).

    Different apps crash often and android seems unstable in general.

    I have tried hard resets, switching airplane mode on and off, and force stopping misbehaving apps but things are still not running smoothly. I was extremely happy with this phone before the update, hoping that there will be fixes for these issues soon!
  • Wow Shhhhane, that's exactly what I've been experiencing.

    Regarding APNs, resetting to "default" was enough to solve the issue (in my case it loaded the operator's APNs).

    I also notice high RAM memory usage, which probably explains some of the issues (I'm guessing some app or service responsible for the correct delivery of SMS messages gets "kicked out" of RAM). If it's the case that Nougat does require more RAM than the bq Aquaris A4.5 has, then bq should have never released this update!

    After multiple bq devices, this is my first bad experience :(
  • Hi,

    I've been experiencing the same problems as most of people have reported. The phone is slower. A lot of apps just crash even without being used. The phone is very unstable. Sometimes it gives me low battery alerts (even tho the battery is full). Mobile hotspot is also not working for me. This update is a complete disaster and as such BQ should either release a fix soon or provide means for backtracking to the previous version. I would rather have an old stable version than this new one that completely ruins my experience. 
  • Even though I solved the issue of the phone now going post the lock screen as I already posted, I have been having trouble With the clock and alarm just like other users. Bq, this is very disappointing.
  • Hi there,

    Got some of the problems above mentioned.
    Time is not working good so I did oversleep a couple of times.
    The phone it self seems to be slowing down to.
    Did somebody get any reaction of BQ?
  • Hello all,

    I have the same problems mentioned above! Exist any kind of solution? I'm getting really upset with this problems.

    Best regards,

  • Hi @Limaf,

    What problems do you have exactly?

    G. De Almeida
    Suporte técnico BQ

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  • Hi @GdeAlmeida,

    It seems that I have the same problems as other people in this thread, which I assume also affect @Limaf.
    1. Problem with the time: the clock sometimes "freezes" i.e. it is a couple of minutes or hours late than the real time. I've added a clock widget to my home screen and sometimes the clock on the widget doesn't match the clock on the top bar (and both are late).
      This makes the alarm basically useless, since if the clock "freezes" before the alarm time it will not fire (even if the clock "unfreezes" at some point, the alarm would still not fire - it just jumps to the new time). 
    2. Problem with sending text messages: sending SMS messages does not work - when I try to send the message using the built-in "Messages" app I can enter the message and "send" it, but it doesn't appear in the conversation view and it also doesn't reach the recipient. I've also tried using the SMS-sending feature of Facebook Messenger and it also doesn't work, so it's not a problem with the app.
    Hope that helps solve the problem,
  • Hi @sapalskimichal,

    Can you send me your device's serial number in a private message?

    Regards ;) 
    G. De Almeida
    Suporte técnico BQ

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  • Done, if you need some additional information, just let me know.
  • @sapalskimichal


    Thanks ;) 
    G. De Almeida
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  • I have a ton of problems, and despite installing all updates they continue:
    - clock continues to freeze (albeit less often now)
    - SMS no longer works (this is a real problem for me!!)
    - data reception often interupted (small exclamaltion point next to reception triangle despite data saving turned off)
    Please help
  • Hi @Stauffen,

    Can you send me a private message with your device's serial number?

    G. De Almeida
    Suporte técnico BQ

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  • Hi everyone, I have also the same problems others users reported, thing with the clock app, and messages app. I also need SMS for my work.
  • Hi @Clarisse Starlin

    Can you send me your device's serial number in a private message?

    Thanks ;) 
    G. De Almeida
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